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Riverside Scarf

The Riverside Scarf is a simple four row pattern that creates a diagonal seed stitch scarf. The free pattern is perfect for an advance knitter looking for a ‘TV knit’ or a advanced begginner ready to work on a pattern with increase and decrease stitches.

East Bay Scarf

If you buy something using the links on this blog post, I may earn a small commission (these are called affiliate links). You can read The Knit McKinley’s full disclosure policy here. At the end of January, I shared the first of three free scarf patterns that I’m going to release this winter (the Shipyard Scarf). These…

Shipyard: An easy, cozy scarf

Over the last few months I’ve had a strong urge to knit warm, cozy scarves in simple, intuitive stitch patterns. There is a gap in my wardrobe for good winter scarves and I have also had a few knit-worthy people that I’ve wanted to gift scarves. So I’m really excited to share three scarf patterns…

Winter Bluffs: A free hat pattern

This free pattern is for a one-sized fits many adult beanie that knits up quickly on US 10 and US 10 1/2 knitting needles! This is a perfect quick knit when you want a satisfying, warm knit.

Prudence Island Hat: Pattern for adult hat with twisted stitches

It’s beginning to feel like fall in Rhode Island, which seems like the perfect time to add another fall hat to my collection. This hat is more complicated than it looks. The twisted stitches and columns patterning may look complicated, but the pattern is pretty easy to follow and memorize. This hat is also a…

Hope Valley: Knitting for Community

A free knitting pattern for child’s sized cabled hats and hat sizing tips. Over the last couple weeks, I’ve continued to knit hats for Hat Not Hate. I wanted to share a cabled hat pattern somewhat similar to the Rhode Trip Hat but designed specifically for smaller heads. I make these and other patterns available…

Prospect Terrace: A Cabled Hat Pattern

Prospect Terrace is a free knitting pattern for an adult-sized cabled hat. This hat pattern offers two sizes (small and large) with a lot of negative ease to fit a variety of head sizes.

Otterbein Hat: A Pattern Update

Release of the updated Otterbein Hat Pattern (cabled hat pattern for adults). This pattern now offers written and charted instructions.

The Knit McKinley Podcast Episode 3: Cotton Yarns & Farmers Market Tote

Episode 3 includes yarn reviews of Lion Brand’s Comfy Cotton Blend & Cotton Candy Blend plus a closer look at the Farmer’s Market Tote. If you buy something using the links on this blog post, I may earn a small commission (these are called affiliate links). You can read The Knit McKinley’s full disclosure policy here.…

21 in 2021!

A Round-Up of My 21 Hats for Hat Not Hate (with Links to Free Patterns) If you buy something using the links on this blog post, I may earn a small commission (these are called affiliate links). You can read The Knit McKinley’s full disclosure policy here. I just finished up my 21 hats for the…

Sunset Nights: Yarn Review & Rotunda Cowl

I’ve been experimenting a lot with new yarns recently, especially Lion Brand’s spring and summer offerings. One of these new yarns is Sunset Nights, a 90% acrylic/ 10% polyester yarn, with gradual color transitions that create an ombre effect. I picked up one ball of the Atacama Desert colorway and two balls of the Martha’s…

Farmer’s Market Tote

Construction: This knit tote features a solid base and stretchy lace sides. You begin with a diagonal base knit back and forth before switching to knitting in the round to make the sides, top, and handles.  This means minimal ends to weave in and no seams to sew.

Community Knitting: Free Hat Patterns

I have been looking for a new community knitting project to donate hats to and have found a really good project that aligns with things I consider important.

Super Simple, Super Bulky Knit Hat

The Super Simple, Super Bulky Hat is pretty much exactly what the name says. It’s a basic beanie pattern knit with super bulky yarn. If you’re a new knitter ready to take on knitting in the round and interested in knitting a hat, I’d give this pattern a try. If you’re a more experienced knitter…

Chevron Stripes: A Pattern Update

Originally published as a free pattern on my blog in 2012, this is a pattern I really enjoy making – and hope you will too! It’s a relatively quick knit using a worsted weight yarn and I’ve just always like the look of chevron stripes. The pattern has been refreshed and cleaned up a bit.…

Mandala Striped Scarf

Does anyone remember those striped scarfs that were popular 10 to 15 years ago? You took two skeins of self-striping yarn and worked two rows from each ball to create a striping, color-changing very cool looking scarf that is actually really easy to make? This was a really popular pattern with Noro yarns sometime around…

Dollar Tree Cotton Yarn Review

& The Broken Rib Coaster Pattern To skip the review and get to the pattern, click here. A couple of weeks ago, I bought a bunch of yarn from a local Dollar Tree and posted a review on Premier brand’s ‘Just Yarn’. That yarn was a pleasant surprise – both a good value and a…


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