The Knit McKinley Podcast Episode 3: Cotton Yarns & Farmers Market Tote

Episode 3 includes yarn reviews of Lion Brand’s Comfy Cotton Blend & Cotton Candy Blend plus a closer look at the Farmer’s Market Tote.

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You can watch episode 3 of The Knit McKinley podcast on youtube.

Episode 3 of the podcast talks about a couple of new to me yarns, a closer look at the Farmer’s Market Tote, and my current WIP.

My current work in progress uses a new to me yarn I’m really excited about: BzyPeach’s 100% pima cotton in the Mythical Flying Reptile colorway (it’s gorgeous!). Here’s a sneak peak of my new project:

I try out Lion Brand’s Cotton Comfy Blend and Cotton Candy Blend yarns. I give both yarns a generally good review, but definitely prefer the Cotton Comfy Blend. It’s a cotton yarn that isn’t super splitty, which was a pleasant surprise!

The Comfy Cotton and Cotton Candy Blend yarns

And lastly, I talk about knitting the Farmer’s Market Tote. The Farmer’s Market Tote is a free pattern I offer with a picture tutorial that walks through each of the steps. You can grab the free pattern here.

If you knit a Farmer’s Market Tote and are on Instagram, please share your pictures with me. You can tag me (I’m @KnitMcKinley) or use the hasthag #KnitMcKinley. I really enjoy seeing your projects and hope you enjoy this pattern!

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