Kara with Theodorable Roosevelt in 2017

The Knit McKinley is a knitting blog run by me (I’m Kara McKinley – nice to meet you!), with help from my lovely assistant, Theodorable Roosevelt the Goldendoodle. We live and work in the Pawtuxet Village in beautiful Rhode Island.

My family, friends, and Teddy-the-dog are really good about pretending the amount of time I spend knitting, talking about knitting, and looking at yarn is totally normal, which I appreciate.

Another little bit about my background — I made a reasonably big move in 2018 from Maryland to Rhode Island. I was born and raised in Maryland and have so much affection and so many good memories of Maryland and my home in Baltimore (lived in Remington for 11 years!) But Rhode Island has earned a really big space in my heart over the last two years. It’s a gorgeous state and with so much to offer, it is truly a hidden gem. Living two blocks of the water (it’s hard to live anywhere not close to water here!) definitely doesn’t hurt my perspective of the state. Many of my patterns are named after places found in Baltimore, MD and Rhode Island. I love spending time outside with my dog and many of my patterns reflect the places I enjoy.

Kara and Molly (labradoodle) in front of our rowhome in Charm City (2012).

Also, I am a big fan of copy-left, especially for my knitting. If you see something in one of my patterns or recipes that you love and want to use it as the basis for your own pattern (such as a stitch pattern or technique), that’s awesome.  If you see something here and apply it to your design work, I hope you’ll consider attributing it back to me. And of course, if you want to use my patterns to sell finished products from, please do so. That being said I do have two really important disclosure I need to stick on here so please note the following:

The Knit McKinley is a passion project that I have chosen to monetize. this means I receive ad revenue, commissions through affiliate links, and other forms of compensation including materials for review or for use in collaboration with another individual or company. Any page that includes affiliate links or is the result of a collaboration through which I have been paid or received goods or services at a reduced cost will have A disclosure at the top of the page. All advertising is generated by a third party ad network and is identified as an advertisement.

And lastly, all content of this blog is mine (Commentary, pictures, the patterns, etc.) All content is under copyright protection. Don’t copy or use the stuff on this blog without attributing it to Kara McKinley of The Knit McKinley (TheKnitMcKinley.com).

Happy Knitting,


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  1. your blogs look lovely can not wait to explore it more 🙂 Also I have a cat called molly 🙂 I think my poor husband gets fed up of me talking about knitting however he never lets it show, I love your dog she looks so cute

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