The Knit McKinley Podcast Episode 2 & Modifying the Beacon Hat for a Chunky Weight Yarn

Episode 2 includes yarn reviews of Urth Yarn’s Harvest Worsted, Lion Brand’s Hue + Me, and Lion Brand’s Re-Spun Thick & Quick.

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Episode 2 of my podcast talks about a couple of new to me yarns, why I knit hats instead of swatching new yarns, and my current WIP. I try out Urth Yarn’s Harvest Worsted, Lion Brand’s Hue + Me, and Lion Brand’s Re-Spun Thick & Quick.

You can watch podcast episode 2 by clicking here.

In this episode, I talk about modifying the Beacon Hat (you can find the original super bulky free pattern by clicking here). While I verbally explain what I’m doing I think that there is still room for a blog in the age of video.

The Beacon Hat in Peachy Dogwood (pink) and Magic Hour (blue)

How to Knit a Chunky Beacon Hat

Download the original pattern by clicking here. These modifications will make sense by comparing the round references to the pattern.

To modify the Beacon Hat, I used 1 skein of Hue + Me Yarn (shown in Peachy Dogwood and Magic Hour) and size US 10 (6 mm) 16″ circular and 10.5 (6.5 mm) 16″ circular and double-pointed knitting needles.

I cast on 64 stitches using my US10 knitting needles and worked the 1×1 ribbed brim for two inches (10 rounds). I then switched to my larger needles and knit four repeats of the Staggered Cable Pattern (rounds 2-5 in the pattern pdf).

Before beginning the crown decreases, I knit round 2 once more (so rounds 2-5 four times, then round 2 once more). Then I knit the crown exactly as written in rounds 6 – 16 of the pattern pdf.

The modified Beacon Hat.

This modified Beacon Hat fits my fairly average adult size head and can stretch to fit a 22″ head circumference.

If you knit a Beacon Hat and are on Instagram, please share your pictures with me. You can tag me (I’m @KnitMcKinley) or use the hasthag #KnitMcKinley. I really enjoy seeing your projects and hope you enjoy this pattern!

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