Bamboo, Blends, and New Yarn

Impulse buys and spring yarn planning.

I went into Joann’s a couple nights ago, intending to pick up some sock yarn and left with sock yarn plus a whole bag of new Lion Brand yarns. I’m really excited about these colors and fibers and have so many project ideas.

My haul of new Lion Brand yarns is shown in the picture below and you may be able to tell a little bit about the colors I prefer from the yarns I picked. The mauves, grays, and slates available in these yarns are just gorgeous.

Clockwise from top left: two skeins of Nuboo, one ball of Sunset Nights, three skeins of Truboo, and two skeins of Truboo sparkle.

I think Truboo is the only on of these yarns that was out last year. I haven’t used Truboo before, but used a lot of the Coboo from this family of yarns because the colorways appealed more to me at the time (you can find the Dorrance Street hat pattern, a striped spring hat that uses Coboo yarn, by clicking here). 

And I have to admit, I’ve already gone back to the store and picked up two more balls of the Sunset Nights yarn because I realized one wasn’t enough for the first project I have in mind (this post was scheduled those yarns aren’t pictured).

Swatching and Sampling

I did start swatching these yarns. The Sunset Nights feels incredibly soft but is really loosely plied, so I’m curious to see how it is to work on a larger project.  I expected the Truboo, Truboo Sparkle, and Nuboo yarns to be a little splitty but I didn’t run into problems with these small swatches. I love the feel of all four yarns. The Truboo and Nuboo in particular feel incredibly nice and I like that Nuboo is a bit heavier than Truboo or Coboo (Coboo yarns not pictured). I think Nuboo could make a really love lace garment for spring or summer , but I’ve got visions of a two-toned cowl for early spring.

Small sample swatches of the Sunset Nights, Truboo, Truboo Sparkle, and Nuboo yarns.

The main downside I see to this yarns is they may be a little tricky to work with. The yarns are so incredibly aesthetically appealing — The colors are gorgeous across the yarn lines and the feel is incredibly soft. But bamboo and plant-based fibers behave differently than acrylics, wools, and animal-fiber blends.

If you’re looking for inspiration for these yarns, I’d look specifically for patterns that call for them or for knitters that have modified a pattern for these yarns. I’d check out Lion Brand’s website and look for ideas on pinterest.  Looking at patterns and other crafter’s projects that use these yarns can give you an idea of their experience – how did the yarn drape, is it heavy to wear as a garment, how does it wear. Whether you’re looking to follow someone else’s pattern or creating your own, looking at patterns and other crafter’s projects can help you get ready to take on your own project.

Spring Project Planning.

I am so excited about working with these yarns. I have ideas for new soft hat patterns for tiny heads (and am thinking about offering a full range of sizes, for those that are looking for plant-based hat options). I’ve also got a lace spring cowl in mind – something simple, to work on the porch as the afternoons get warmer. There’s also probably going to be a basic colorwork cowl. While I don’t do a lot of colorwork, I really want to put these yarns together into a spring accessory to wear while on dog walks.

I’d love to know what you’re thinking about knitting this spring. Are you a seasonal knitter that works on lighter weight projects as the weather warms up? Or do you skip knitting in warmer weather?

Also, have you used any of these yarns? A couple are so new, I can’t even find yarn reviews or much information on them yet. I’m so excited to try them and would like to hear about your experience with them.

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