Dorrance Street Cap

A handknit baby hat with a rainbow stripe pattern

I’m really excited to share the Dorrance Street Cap, now available as a downloadable pdf on Ravelry.

Dorrance Street is the starting point of the Pride Parade in Providence, RI. And it’s an amazing parade that happens at night with lights and music, and is generally, as mentioned, amazing. That serves as the inspiration for the name of this hat.

While the instructions include directions for solid, two-stripe, and rainbow versions, I both hope that you’ll use the pattern to figure out how to make it unique and representative of your favorite colors or striping effect. There is space to make this hat unique and show your favorite colors.

Three baby hats shown: a blue and a green solid and a rainbow striped hat.

This hat is also meant to be a simple, fairly quick knit for a gorgeous finished product. If you’re looking for a gift to hand make to welcome someone new to the world, this is a great option.

It’s up on Ravelry (full pattern details and materials listed there): just click here.

Two rainbow striped baby hats, one featuring a white brim and the other a gray brim.

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