WIP Wednesdays – February Close Out

A week late, but all in all a good month!

I had very good intentions about posting my last February works in progress (WIP) post on the last Wednesday in February but sometimes life just has other plans. And that’s okay, because I can still share that I knit a lot of things and mostly stuck with my two February goals.

Back on February 3rd, I’d shared my two goals. The first one was to shop my stash and work through my supplies, recording my progress as I go. My second goal was to only buy things I need to finish a project I have the majority of the supplies for.  I did pretty well! I’m going to continue focusing on shopping my stash and using the really nice collection of yarns and fabrics that I have for at least another thirty days through the end of March. I’m also going to continue focusing on not spending a lot of money on new crafting supplies.

I will say that I did buy some fun crafting supplies throughout February, particularly from the Dollar Tree. They have a lot of new items in their Crafter’s Square section so I’ve bought some knitting, and some non-knitting related craft supplies. I’m excited to share a bit more about that in a future post, but for now, here’s a teaser of the yarns I picked up to test out. I also ordered some yarn from one of my absolute favorite yarn companies, Neighborhood Fiber. I’m waiting for that yarn to arrive so no picture yet (but hopefully soon!).

I did knit a lot of small projects during February and worked on a couple of larger accessories. I’m three weeks in and haven’t finished the lacy cowl and cabled scarf I showed in the last post. I did knit a lot of hats (see below for hats knit in February). I’m really excited about some of these as new patterns to share in the near future and excited about others as pattern updates.

I will also say I’m having a bit of a moment with folded brim hats. I am strongly preferring hats with deep folded brims this winter. How was your February? Did you get to spend some time knitting something for yourself?

Happy knitting,


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