Works in Progress: February 17, 2021

Week 3 Update – Good progress, but lighter on projects.

It is now week 3 of my February Works in Progress effort.  I’ve made some great progress on the green cowl and cabled scarf I shared last week.

Image of a green lace cowl and oatmeal cabled scarf, both works in progress.

The cowl still requires me to pay attention to the chart so this will not get advertised as a knit you can do while watching a show or reading something you actually need to pay attention to. The scarf on the other hand is now well into the 6-row cable repeat which means it is in the perfect place for working on while reading or streaming a show.

I really love both of these projects. They aren’t getting done as quickly as I’d like but I may also have wildly unrealistic expectations of my own knitting speed.

I only have one new project this week and it’s an Anchored hat.

An in progress Anchored hat in a cream colored yarn.

  • Pattern: Anchored (a free pattern)
    • Size: Adult with a smidge extra length for an extra large head.
  • Yarn: Lion Brand Pound of Love in Antique White (100% acrylic, 454 g, 1,020 yards), 1 skein
  • Notes: I’m knitting some hats for charity and really like this pattern as a unisex easy pattern to keep on the back burner to knit a bit of when I have a free moment but don’t want to work on something complex. I do highly recommend this pattern if you knit hats as gifts or donations and want something that can be worked while binge watching Netflix.

I cast on this project to knit while driving up to New Hampshire on Sunday. We did a COVID-safe celebration of my niece’s fifth birthday which was so absolutely wonderful. A big part of the reason for relocating to New England was to be closer to family and COVID has really put a damper on that this past year. I am so excited about getting vaccinated and getting back to normal this year.

I’m also doing some behind the scenes work on my Ravelry and Etsy shops this week. Updating pattern information and adding new photos to a couple of listings. I’ve also needed to do inventory so I was able to re-list a few items I was actually not out of, even though I’d sold out online. With all the shipping issues in December, I listed a lower quantity of a few items to make sure I could re-ship if something went haywire (I have some of the nicest customers and I felt terrible that a couple packages just seemed to have gotten completely lost!). I don’t have any fun progress photos of the shop work — What can I say, updating a website just isn’t that visually interesting (LOL!).

I’m also sticking with my two goals! I’ve been working through my queue and haven’t gone and purchased new materials. I didn’t have as much crafting time this week but I ‘m still pretty pleased with my cowl and scarf progress, and I’m always happy to have an Anchored hat on the needles.

If you’ve made it this far – thanks for reading! I’ll post my week three update next Wednesday. If you’re working on something great, let me know in the comments here or over on instagram (@knitmckinley). I hope you take time to craft this week.

Happy Knitting,


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