2020 – Year in Review Mugs

Free SVG Files for Cricut and Other Cutting Machines
Image of a mug reading “2020”, followed by an icon showing a 1 star review, and the review phrase “Very bad.”.

This year I put together advent calendars for my mom and two sisters. It stinks that we won’t be able to get together in person, but this seemed like a good way for us to have some fun together. Some of it is pretty basic stuff you’d find in an advent calendar like candy and miniature liquor bottles, but some of it is crafty, fun, and/or sarcastic. For the first day, I made them 2020 year in review mugs with a 1 out of five stars rating and different review phrases.

Materials, including cut vinyl, my tools, and the mug.

I wanted these to be similar enough to look like a set but not identical. There is some other stuff in the boxes that match, but this seemed like a good opportunity to give something that is part of a set, but unique to the recipient.

Image of mugs in process

I’ve saved the five different designs I made and am making them available here as SVG files for use on your Cricut or other cutting machine. Four of the phrases are shown above and read: “Very bad”, “No good”, “Not as described, and “Do not recommend”. The fifth design includes the phrase “Not in 5 year plan”. I ended up only using the four pictured phrases for my set of mugs, but I’ve included all five ‘reviews’ in the zip file. The link below (or the one at the very top of this post) will download the five designs in a zip file:

I am a novice Cricut user (I just got my maching in July) and while I am having a lot of fun, still have things to learn about the machine. So if you are using these design to make a set, my top recommendation is to print them all at the same dimensions. I used mugs from the Dollar Tree and printed all of the designs so they were 3″ wide by 2.213″ tall. This was the biggest I could print and have the entire design visible without having to turn the mug. You can of course customize this to whatever size works for your mug.

The other handy thing is some of these designs have less text. If you, like me, are newer to Cricut crafting and vinyl application, you can use the designs with fewer words which will be easier to weed and apply. Also, have a little container handy for your trash as you weed (this tip has saved me so much headache!).

If you use these designs, I’d love to see your mugs or other applications. Comment here or tag me on instagram (I’m @theknitmckinleyley and use the hashtag #knitmckinley).

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