New Cowl

Image: Cowl draped over trellis in a rose garden.

Sometimes I thoroughly enjoy working on an over-sized, completely indulgent knitting project. And I particularly enjoy it when I can play with colors and patterns that I may not want to add to my wardrobe, but will be perfect for someone else.

Image: Cowl pictured on trellis in rose garden.

In this case, mom said this yarn called her name at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival and it was an absolute must have. And she’s right. The colors are absolutely perfect for her.

This Neighborhood Fiber Co. yarn (Rustic Fingering) is in a colorway aptly called Banksy. It’s a blend of grey, purple, and pink.

Mom bought two skeins and asked that I make her an over-sized cowl to wear when she goes out to take photographs.

It’s been just over a year since we purchased the yarn at the 2017 MD Sheep and Wool Festival, and I just finished blocking the cowl .

The dimensions are large, it’s 15″ deep and has a circumference of 140″. It could be worn as a scarf folded in half, with a 70″ folded length or wrapped two-three times when worn as a cowl.

The pattern is fairly simple ( I have a pattern drafted but am not sure if it will make it’s way online) and this was a pretty quick project. Once I’d drafted the concept, I knit it over the course of two weeks.

Image: Cowl knotted on porch post.

Thanks to mom (instagram: @JAKpicturethat) for the great photos of the cowl.

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