Pattern Reboot: Roosevelt Park (formerly Ravens Pre-Season Hat)

Since I finished up the bin of acrylic, I turned to the other stash of leftovers and odd balls that I wanted to make into hats: the bin of worsted weight wool. Some of the wool is from sweaters and scarves,  others is from my felting-is-the-best-thing-ever phase.  There aren’t actually any whole skeins in the bin, which means I’m going to make striping hats. Lots of striping hats.

So I started working from the “Raven’s Pre-Season Hat” pattern. Over the past week I’ve knit two hats out of the very last of the acrylic yarn and seven hats out of wool (Note: if you count the stack of hats below, not all the hats pictured).


In retrospect, the name was an error and the pattern itself kind of limiting. I had named the pattern Ravens Pre-Season hat because I had knit it in purple and silver. Now that I’ve knit a bunch more hats, I’m changing the name of the pattern to Roosevelt Park, partially because the striping pattern is versatile.

If you  use sherbet colors and add a pompom, you get a bright and cutesy hat:


Or by changing the colors to brown, cream, and olive green, you get a very different look:


While knitting all these hats,  I’ve re-written the pattern. I’ve expanded it from one to three sizes and made it a bit clearer (the original pattern, linked above is remaining available as part of that post, and is technically fine – but it really could have been written better). The new pdf is now up on Ravelry and here and it remains a free pattern.  The three sizes available are a small (16″ circumference x 7″ height), medium (18 1/2″ circumference x 8″ height) and large (21″ circumference x 9″ height).  Each size has several inches of negative so a 16″ circumference can fit an 18-19″ head, the 18 1/2″ fits my 22″ head, and the 21″ circumference stretches to fit a 24-25″ head.


Please note, that even though I added pompoms to a bunch of my hats, I do not provide instructions on pompom making. I have a large Clover Pompom Maker that I was gifted last Christmas. That pompom maker is the only reason I can make reasonable looking pompoms. Fun and embarrassing fact about me: I’ve never been able to make a non-lopsided, non-crazy looking pompom until I started using the pompom maker. And this was after my mom and others very patiently showed me (over and over again, over the course of years) how to make a pompom. Complicated cables or lacework: no problem. Simple pompom: non-starter.


Enjoy the pattern and I’d love to see the hats you make!

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