More Lacy Diagonals

A couple weeks ago I finished a rayon and cotton blend scarf made up of a lacy diagonal stitch pattern. I really liked the stitch pattern and decided to use some Lang Yarns Mille Colori Sock & Lace yarn to make myself a scarf with the same pattern.

The original scarf (blogged about here) was made for mom. The vibrant pink and turquoise are definitely her colors. The Mille Colori skein I have is much more my colors – mostly earthy tones with some brighter colors the blend together surprisingly well.

My scarf is just about 70″ long and 7″ wide and used up all but 1.5 yards of yarn. It is the same pattern and same number of stitches used in that first scarf but it’s 3″ skinnier and 6-8″ shorter. The rayon/cotton skein had similar yardage to this project, but  the first project was knit on US 10 needles.


The broad gold splotch on the left is actually not jarring in person, although it really stands out in the picture. You can see the scarf hangs as a loose tube. The yarn is really soft and was very easy to work with. The only thing is that the scarf was so light, it felt almost weightless on the needles. I normally use the weight of the yarn to push stitches around while knitting. These stiches didn’t shift without being pushed on the needles.


The front of the scarf is on the right (stockinette side) and the reverse (purl side) is the left.   This has the same effect the rainbow colored scarf I finished a couple of weeks ago has – it’s sock weight yarn knit on size US7 (4.5 mm) needles, so the knit is loose and drapey and the sunlight filters through it.


This picture shows the colors true to life (at least on my computer!). You can see the gold blends with the surrounding colors. While the colors look like they repeat,  you can see when you look at the finished length of scarf, the colors don’t really repeat. They just sort of shift into between other.

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  1. I love these colors!


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