Sheep and Wool

For lack of a more creative title, this post is being called Sheep and Wool. Mostly because I went there:


And I saw this guy:


And I got this stuff:


The white and the gorgeous blue blend are wools, the greys are alpaca, and the buttercream color is a cotton. The wool and alpaca are much more in line with the types of fiber I like working with. The buttercream colored cotton was an impulse buy. It was apparently the last of what the vendor had, so she’d marked it $3. I really couldn’t not buy it – it’s what drew me into her booth. There’s something about the color that was really appealing (and no, I have no idea what it’s going to become).

The blue blended color is going to be amazing knit up – it’s got this fabulous multitude of colors that looks like an antique Tiffany Lamp. The yarn is by Verdant Gryphon . I also bought a pattern from Verdant Gryphon, Ann Weaver’s Saturated Shawl (on Ravelry here). The yarns were absolutely stunning and that shawl pattern is a really great way to show off the vibrant colors they create.

I didn’t go to Sheep and Wool for a long time this year (maybe 3 and a half hours), but I got some great yarn I’m really excited about.

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