Twisted Trellis

Having continued to work on the twisted trellis hat pattern, I’m finally happy with the written out pattern. This pattern is somewhat similar to the Trellis stitch pattern available in the Vogue Knitting Stitchionary, however I didn’t like the way that pattern looked when knit as described there so I modified it for the purposes of the hats.

Twisted trellis hats!

This pattern uses the right and left twists that I like so much, except they are made up of one knit and one purl stitch so I’m not sure what to call that (I think Vogue’s definitions are confusing, that could just be me, so I’ve included my own interpretation in the stitch explanations section). So I’ve left the stitches as being called left twist and right twist because that’s essentially what you’re doing, except you knit the knit and purl the purl stitches.

Hat No. 17 for the 500 Hats Project!

Also, it uses the reverse stockinette stitch background that I fell in love with when I knit the Thalweg Socks a couple of months ago. I think I’m going to use that fabric characteristic again soon. I have a few ideas floating around.

To test knit the pattern (to see if I could follow my own directions!), I knit a hat using the Red Heart Super Saver in Burgundy (pictured above). And then to use up the rest of the burgundy yarn, and because I quite frankly needed to knit a hat that wasn’t in the Twisted Trellis pattern, I knit one plain beanie and one twisted-rib cabled hat. The twisted rib cable is also on the patterns page. These hats are all for the 500 Hats Project run by the fabulous Lovelyarns in Hamdpen.

Hat No.s 17, 18, and 19

The Pattern is below the fold or as a pdf on the Patterns page. 

Twisted Trellis Hat Pattern

***Please note that Row 11 and 13 originally contained typos, the correction is below in burgundy. The  correct round 11 repeat is *LT, p4, RT* and the round 13 pattern repeat is *p1, LT, p2, RT, p1*. There is an updated pdf available titled “Twisted Trellis Hat – Corrected” on the patterns page and on Ravelry.***


  • 175 yards worsted weight yarn. Samples made in Red Heart Super Saver Economy Yarn.
  • US 8 16″ circular needle and double-pointed needles
  • Stitch marker
  • Yarn needle

Abbreviations and Stitch Explanations:

  • sl1: Slip on stitch purlwise
  • wyib: With yarn in back
  • LT: left twist: slip next stitch off needle and hold to front. Purl next stitch. Knit held stitch
  • RT: right twist: slip next stitch off needle and hold to back. Knit next stitch. Purl held stitch
  • P2tog: purl two stitches together
  • K2tog: knit two stitches together
  • PSSO: Pass slipped stitch over


  • Cast on 88 stitches
  • K1, p1 rib for 8 rounds by *k1, p1* around each round
  • Begin trellis pattern:
  • Trellis
    • Round 1: *p3, k2, p3* repeat to end
    • Round 2: *p3, sl1 wyib, sl1 wyib, p3* repeat to end
    • Round 3: *p2, RT, LT, p2* repeat to end
    • Round 4: *p2, sl1 wyib, p2, sl1 wyib, p2* repeat to end
    • Round 5: *p1, RT, p2, LT, p1* repeat to end
    • Round 6: *p1, sl1 wyib, p4, sl1 wyib, p1* repeat to end
    • Round 7: *RT, p4, LT* repeat to end
    • Round 8: *sl1 wyib, p6, sl1 wyib* repeat to end
    • Round 9: *K1, p6, k1* repeat to end
    • Round 10: *sl1 wyib, p6, sl1 wyib* repeat to end
    • Round 11: *LT, p4, RT* repeat to end
    • Round 12: *p1, sl1 wyib, p4, sl1 wyib, p1* repeat to end
    • Round 13: *p1, LT, p2, RT, p1* repeat to end
    • Round 14: *p2, sl1 wyib, p2, sl1 wyib, p2* repeat to end
    • Round  15: *p2, LT, RT, p2* repeat to end
    • Round 16: *p3, sl1 wyib, sl1 wyib, p3* repeat to end
    • Repeat rounds 1-16 once and then repeat rows 1-10 once.
  • Begin decrease rounds:
    • Round 1: *k1, p2tog, p2, p2tog, k1* repeat around
    • Round 2: *sl1 wyib, p4, sl1 wyib* repeat around
    • Round 3: *k1, p2tog, p2tog, k1* repeat around
    • Round 4: *sl1 wyib, p2, sl1 wyib* repeat around
    • Round 5: *k1, p2tog, k1* repeat around
    • Round 6: *sl1 wyib, p1, sl1 wyib* repeat around
    • Round 7: *sl1 wyib, k2tog, psso* repeat around
    • Round 8: Knit around
  • Break yarn leaving a 10″ tail. Weave through remaining stitches to bind off.
  • Weave in loose ends.

16 Comments Add yours

  1. oliviaekunst says:

    I like the red! Yesterday was cold and drizzly so I wore the grey one you made me with the owl that has buttons for owls. 🙂 Goes perfectly over my new short hair cut!


    1. Yay! I’m glad the owl hat works. And if you want the red one too, I’ll hold on to it for you 🙂 It’s for the hat giveaway at an Elementary school but I can knit a replacement for it. And you can never, ever have too many hats.


  2. stitchknit says:

    Wow, what a goal. I’m impressed & will be stopping in to check on your progress. Thanks for visiting my blog, please stop by anytime!


  3. Dolores Charest says:

    The Twisted Trellis Hat pattern is my first hat project. I was given the pattern at a lovely yarn shop in Baltimore. I am confused with Round 2 of Trellis Pattern. I start with P3, then sl1 wyib, sl1 wyib. Does this mean that I slip two stitches consecutively or do I sl1 and purl the next, sl1 and purl the next and then P3? Your prompt reply will be greatly appreciated as I am stuck already!


    1. Hi, you do slip two consecutively (so purl three, then move the yarn to the back and slip the next two stitches, then purl three to finish the pattern repeat).

      Happy Knitting,


      1. Dolores Charest says:

        Thank you for your help. I ended up taking the hat apart because I dropped a stitch on one of the rounds. I am going to start over using an acrylic yarn as a test run. I was using nice wool yarn, but I had to take the rows apart often which causes the wool to fray a bit. I am learning many of the stitches through YouTube. It is a helpful tool. Stay connected to your blog as I may need you again!


  4. Dolores Charest says:

    Hi Kara, well I was progressing well with the hat. I got to round 15 and realized I was missing a stitch again. I really hate to rip the hat apart again. Is there a way I can add a stitch and still maintain the integrity of the pattern? Is there a common mistake which causes a person to lose a stitch?


  5. Dolores Charest says:

    Kara, I found where I dropped a stitch. I compared each section of the pattern by counting the stitches. I think I dropped one with sl1 wyib. I can fix it. This is a fun pattern as the rounds are varied. It is not monotonous. Take care and Happy New Year.


    1. Yay! I’m glad you found where you dropped and it’s fixable. There’s nothing worse than losing a stitch mid-pattern.


  6. Dolores Charest says:

    Kara, I am moving along nicely with the hat. I would like you to check one thing for me, however. Round 11 calls for *LT, k4, RT*. Should the k4 be p4? The knit stitches occur in the top third of the triangle design (where purl stitches are) and it makes a distinct line on the inside of the hat pattern. It is not as visible on the outside of the hat, but I am afraid when someone wears the hat and the yarn stretches on the head, it will be more visible.


    1. Yes, that is an error. There were actually two errors in the pattern and even though I sent out corrections, depending on when you got it you may have gotten the one with mistakes (I’m sorry!). The two corrections were the round 11 one you’ve pointed out and round 13 should read *p1, LT, p2, RT, p1*.

      This is one of my first patterns and I’m trying to make sure future patterns don’t have errors like this 😦


  7. Dolores Charest says:

    The hard copy print out of the pattern I picked up in MD has the corrected version of round 13. In the note field above, preceding the pattern, you may want to indicate that row 11 & 13 have an error. That will be helpful to patrons who use this site.
    Also, I noticed that in the pictures of your finished hats, the cast on stitches have a nice clean line, unlike mine. Is there a special cast on technique that you use?


    1. I think that’s good advice, I added a note above the pattern.

      I almost exclusively use the long tail cast on (occasionally I’ll do the cable cast on). I think the long-tail looks the nicest of the different cast on methods I’ve used. When I learned how to knit, it was pre-youtube and ravelry so I learned from books and friends and started out with the backward loop cast on, which I now never use because it’s just not as smooth looking.

      Also, there will probably be a small gap where you’ve joined in the round that seems to happen no matter what cast on is used or how neatly you join to work in the round, but you can smooth that out when I weave the tail in (I use the tail to smooth the little gap like a mini-seam).


  8. Dolores Charest says:

    Kara, I am at the end of my hat. I completed decreasing round 8. Now it is time for me to cut the 10″ tail. When you say “weave through remaining stitches to bind off” do you mean that I will pass the darning needle through remaining stitches or do you mean that I should take the darning needle and go over one stitch and under the other one? I am not sure what you mean by “weave” through.
    In general, I am happy with the final result. The finished hat looks a little small though. I want to try it again by perfecting some things I am not completely satisfied with (ex. cast on technique, row 11 error) and perhaps make it a little bigger.
    Did you think to correct the PDF file under the patterns tab with the correction to row 11?
    Kara, I appreciate all of your help and I have enjoyed making this hat.


    1. Hi, I’m so sorry I didn’t see this comment before (I must have missed the e-mail, I have them all sent to e-mail so I get to see what’s posted immediately).

      You’ve probably finished your hat, but the first description of weaving in you listed is correct. If you want to make the hat bigger around, you can add increments of 8 stitches to the number of stitches cast-on. The hat is an 8 stitch pattern repeat, so adding another 8 stitches will add about 1.5″ to the circumference. Also, yup, corrected pdf’s are posted both here and ravelry (that was a must-do).

      I hope you’re enjoying the hat!!


  9. toasttheblog says:

    I loved the hat. I am considering a pair of fingerless gloves using the same pattern. I am thinking about leaving the palm side in stockinette stitch. I’ve never knit fingerless gloves before, so if you have any suggestions (or a pattern!) I gladly accept. 🙂


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