Cast On: Aranami

I’m so excited. I’m supposed to be doing a number of other things knitting-wise because I agreed to do some other things.  But all of those other things are being worked on. And I couldn’t wait. I wound the balls and printed the pattern for the Aranami shawl.

Aranami Balls!

I also cast on and started the wave motif.

Waves with the first color

The rubber ducky above is actually a measuring tape. I measured the first wave to make sure I was getting gauge; I was way off. I tend to be an extremely tight knitter and it always seems worse with smaller needles than larger.  This project calls for US2/2.75 mm and I needed to use a US4/ 3.5 mm to get gauge. The pattern also indicates how much yarn you’re supposed to use for each wave and on the larger needles I’m using the right amount of yarn so the kit should work out perfectly. Once I got started with the bigger needle, the wave motifs are quick knits. I’m on the third one already (almost time to use the next color yarn!).

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