Hat No. 7

Experimenting with hats is a lot of fun. It’s especially fun when it comes to the 500 Hats Project because knowing the hat will be selected by a kid who has hundreds of hats to choose from is really exciting. Knowing that a child will look at my hat and think ‘I want this one’ is a great feeling. It’s also an outlet for playing with stitches, colors and fibers that I might not otherwise. Maybe I like a color or color combination but don’t know anyone who would wear it. Sometimes I have a cable pattern bookmarked and want to try it out on a small project before putting it in a larger project. And since hats only need 100-200 yards of yarn, you can take a small amount of fiber and get a feel for how it knits without investing in a large project (see the Yak Hat).

Experimenting with stitches, colors, and fibers aside, there’s something to be said for making a solid, simple hat. Hat no. 7 is just that; a solid, simple hat.

Hat No. 7

The yarn is a gray heather  acrylic that is pretty and, for a yarn that calls itself a heather, has very subtle coloring. There are enough really great basic hat patterns out there that I’m not going to include my pattern notes/ recipe here just share the final project.

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  1. What is the 500 Hats Project? Sounds interesting… And I couldn’t agree more, hats are a great way to experiment!


    1. theknitmckinley says:

      It’s a hat collection project my lys Lovelyarns runs. Hats are collected and then there’s a party at the school where the kids pick out their hats. It’s lots of fun.


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