Riverside Scarf

The Riverside Scarf is a simple four row pattern that creates a diagonal seed stitch scarf. The free pattern is perfect for an advance knitter looking for a 'TV knit' or a advanced begginner ready to work on a pattern with increase and decrease stitches.

Picture of 3 Super Bulky Hats

Super Simple, Super Bulky Knit Hat

The Super Simple, Super Bulky Hat is pretty much exactly what the name says. It’s a basic beanie pattern knit with super bulky yarn. If you’re a new knitter ready to take on knitting in the round and interested in knitting a hat, I’d give this pattern a try. If you’re a more experienced knitter looking for an under ninety-minute knitting project, this is a really fun, fast knit.

Introducing the Lighthouse Beanie

A free watch cap style knitting pattern. Lighthouse Beanie PDF Introducing the Lighthouse Beanie, a free watch cap style hat. If you're ready to knit, you can download the free pattern above (click the blue button).If you'd like to learn more about the pattern, construction, and materials required, keep reading: The Lighthouse Beanie shown on…