Wool Theory

A Periodic Series on Wool As Craft

For a while, I’ve wanted to really dive into knitting as a craft and to think a little more deeply about knitting, knitting methods and methodologies, about yarn and fiber, and all things knitting related. I have had a running list of ideas that I’d like to take time to explore for well over a year at this point and, although this is mostly for my benefit, I hope this series will be crafted in a way that is useful to other knitters.

I cast-on my first stitches sixteen years ago using Vickie Howel’s Stitch ’n Bitch borrowed (and re-borrowed at least twice before buying my own copy) from my local library, a pair of pink plastic US 8 knitting needles, and a skein of blue Red Heart super saver from the local A.C. Moore.

Since then I have knit many hats, scarves, socks, and sweaters along with miscellaneous household goods (there may have been a felted wool tote bag phase sometime in the late aughts). I’m at a point where I’d like to slow down and think about how I craft and why, sixteen years later, knitting is a daily part of my life.

I’ve decided to use the title “Wool Theory” as this isn’t a how-to-knit overview or introduction to knitting. There isn’t going to be a post on the basics of casting on and how to knit and purl (at least, that’s not the plan at this point). This is meant to be a bit more exploratory and conceptual. I’m using it as a time to step back from my daily knitting and explore knitting more fully and thoughtfully than I have been able to.  

I hope that this is helpful to you in your knitting. And I welcome feedback – comments, suggestions, etc are more than welcome. And if there’s a facet of knitting, you’ve been interested in or would like to chat, send a message – I’d love to collaborate with other knitters on exploring knitting as craft.

~Happy Knitting,


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