Knitting with Swans

Warwick has been doing some serious showing off lately. The sunsets alone have been incredible.

Image: Sunset viewed from Salter Grove Park in Warwick, RI

Then you add in that there are dozens and dozens of swans nesting in the park near my new home, and you realize how incredible the area is.

I took my knitting out to watch the swans as the sun was setting a couple of days ago and it was an incredible experience.

Image: a knitting work in progress in the foreground and dozens of swans in the surrounding water.

What’s really great about this area (Pawtuxet Village & Gaspee in Warwick, RI) is that I keep discovering really great neighborhood spots. I’m not looking for big attractions or the hottest new place, but there are really great restaurants and shops, the sense of community is lovely, and the sunsets over the water – well, the sunsets over the water are unbeatable.

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