Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival (and a Hat)

The Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival is easily one of my favorite annual events. I love visiting the fairgrounds and seeing all the different breeds of sheep (and alpaca, bunnies, and occasional goat).

And the lambs — these are such beautiful babies.


I also enjoyed these two rams, who appeared to have fought all the way to the fair grounds and were stoically avoiding looking at each other (I probably shouldn’t anthropomorphize the sheep, but it’s really hard not to when they’re incredibly cute).


I think this is the first year I actually didn’t buy anything at the Festival (other than lunch!) The Charm City Yarn Crawl was just a few weeks ago so between recently buying yarn and not having anything really grab my attention, I decided to not buy any yarn.

I did pick up a couple of cards and information about some of the vendors. I’m particularly intrigued by the Bare Naked Wools yarns. I like the idea of small batches of single-breed yarn made in the region around the business based in Canton, OH.

Even though I didn’t acquire any new yarns for my stash, I did finish a hat. I finished the lighter gray with variegated yarn in the picture below a couple of weeks and finished the gray on gray hat the night before the festival.


I think I finally perfected the crown. It’s not a complicated pattern by any means, but it did take three tries to work through how frequently to decrease and how to work the decreases while maintaining the colorwork. I think I’ll do a full post before releasing the pattern in a week or two on the challenges with decreasing and making sure the color pattern looked good over the entire crown.

Until then, Happy Knitting!


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