Gift-A-Long 2014: Designer Interview with Zsuzsa Kiss

The 2nd annual Indie Design Gift-a-long started last Thursday, November 13th and runs until New Years. 293 designers from 21 countries have joined together to create a knit & crochet along of massive proportions! There are games, prizes, and a 8 day long 25% off select patterns. All you have to do to join is go to the Indie Design Gift-A-Long Group on Ravelry, find a participating design to knit (there are thousands to choose from!), and share your progress.

As part of the 2014 Indie Gift-A-Long, many of us with blogs are interviewing other designers to spotlight and share the amazing talent from all over the world. I’m thrilled to have gotten the opportunity to meet (across the internet) and get to know Zsuzsa Kiss, a Hungarian designer living in Switzerland. She goes by Muzsi on Ravelry and designs gorgeous patterns. Her collection includes absolutely pieces, including an array of lovely lace shawls and wraps.

(Note: the Gift-A-Long image below is courtesy of NuriaPastor and UkeeKnits; all other images copyright of Zsuzsa Kiss)

Here’s more about Zsuzsa Kiss, a.k.a Muzsi:

  • What fiber arts do you do? Dyeing, spinning, knitting, and some crocheting.
  • What fiber arts do you design for? I design knitting patterns.
  • Do you do any other arts or crafts? No, it is more than enough!
  • Where are you from? I am from Hungary originally, but moved away a few years ago.
  • Favorite part of where you are from (where you are currently)? At present I live in Switzerland, which is a beautiful country with lots of greenery and beautifully preserved old towns. I love it.
  • The quirkiest or most interesting thing about you that you want to share? I’m originally psychologist and physics teacher.


Fiber arts history:

  • How long have you been designing? Not long at all, I only started 2 years ago, when I no longer could keep all the ideas in my head.
  • Favorite design that you’ve ever created? It must be the Soft Rainbow Shawl. I started my business with selling yarns online. When I chose the brand name, my love of bright colors brought me to “Soft Rainbow” – soft because of yarn. When I started designing, I also began to play with colours and dyeing, and I decided to make a shawl with the name of the brand. I’m very proud of this pattern, because this was the third one, and I dyed the yarn for it too. It tells everything about me: the colors, the lace pattern, the shape of the shawl and that I love to knit with fine yarn…
  • How long have you been knitting? I learned the basics when I was 15 maybe, but then I didn’t knit for 20 years. So, to be truthful: 3 years.
  • Favorite thing to knit? Shawls, with lots of lace!

GAL 2014 hirdetés-600.jpg

Design and Craft Inspiration:

  • What inspires you in your designs? My crazy brain. I want to make something new every time, to create my unique twist on everything. My brain is like a boiling soup, ideas are circulate there continuously. Sometimes I can’t even sleep because of it 😀
  • Favorite yarn (type of fiber or brand): Merino wool, and I love the colors of Malabrigo yarns.
  • Favorite place to buy yarn (LYS or online). Why do you love it? Jannettes Rare Yarns  – She has a very bright range of yarns, she is very helpful, and shipping is free!

Thanks to Zsuzsa for sharing her story and inspiration! If you’d like to learn more, visit the Indie Gift-A-Long group on Ravelry.

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