Now that three straight days of rain have passed, I think it may actually be Spring in Baltimore. I’ve finished a lot of projects the last couple of weeks and the great weather meant they could be photographed.

I finished a spring cardigan in white superwash wool for mom. It took about 8 months of infrequent progress to finish. It was not a complicated knitting project or anything, it was just time consuming and too big to carry so it had to live at home (unlike hats and socks that can live in my purse and be worked on during the day).


And I finished a hat in Neighborhood Fiber Co’s Rustic Fingering.


I love the texture and finish of the Rustic Fingering wool. This color is called Charles Center and is a lovely variegated gray.


There are a couple of really good local yarn companies based in Baltimore. Neighborhood Fiber Co. is one and the hat pictured below is made with yarn from another. The green hat below is knit with Cephalopod Yarn’s Skinny Bugga. This green color is Horseshoe Crab.


I’m going to make the two hat patterns available through Ravelry soon, but they’re still going through testing and editing. And then more hats are coming soon. And since it’s finally Spring, I can work on hats on the porch again – hooray Spring!


And what would knitting on the porch be without the most avid of audiences:


I’m pretty sure if Molly could talk she’d say knitting’s great and all but can I have some peanut butter now. Until next time, happy knitting.

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