The Greatest Threat to Gotham…

… May be knitting needles. Or women’s rights. Possibly both.

I was watching an old Batman episode, ‘Nora Clavicle and The Ladies Crime Club”, and it made some hilariously horrible knitting/crafting references. In most ways, this episode is terrible like all the original Batman episodes are terrible because they’re ridiculously campy. But this episode is exceptionally terrible because it hits on something near and dear to my heart: knitting. It even goes so far as to feature knitting needles as the villain’s weapon of choice. The portrayal of equality and feminism was bad, but the knitting needles got to me.


Oh no, Nora Clavicle is going stab Batgirl in the throat with a knitting needle!

The episode wasn’t without some redeeming moments. If you can read the boxes in the unfortunate cell phone picture above (sorry!), the boxes are printed with the name of the fictional business the Ladies Crime Club operated out of: Dropstitch & Co.  I have to grant the producer’s of Batman – that’s pretty good. Not good enough to redeem the episodes other flaws – like pretending Batgirl was going to get stabbed with a knitting needle –  but pretty funny nonetheless.

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