Indie Design Gift-A-Long!


I’m really excited to share that over 150 designers have gotten together to have a massive gift-a-long this holiday season! While I would argue it’s a little too soon to see too much holiday in stores (it is only November 1st, put away the artificial Christmas trees for at least two weeks, please), I think we all know that if we’re hand-making gifts, it’s time to get rolling on projects (or someone is getting a half-knit sock in a large box).

So we’ve gotten together – and hope you’ll join us – as we prep for the holidays with special deals and prizes from tons of Indie designers!  All you have to do is go on Ravelry and join the Indie Design Gift-A-Long group, select your project (or projects) from the thousands of participating patterns, start knitting and crocheting, and share your progress in the group threads.  You can see all the participating designers and designs on Ravelry in the List of Participating Patterns thread in the Indie Design Gift-a-long group.

The Gift-A-Long is getting kicked off with a massive sale. From November 1-15, 2013, all of the participating patterns are eligible for a  25% discount when you use the code “giftalong” at check-out on Ravelry. Because this is an international GAL with over 150 participating designers, we’ve agreed to start the promotion at Midnight (12:00 AM) on November 1st GMT and end the discount ends at midnight (11:59 PM) on November 15th GMT*. If you’ve already bought a pattern that’s included in the GAL, you can participate and include your progress and finished object in the GAL forum starting November 1st. Free patterns, however, are not included in the GAL.

And then from the start of the GAL on November 1st through its end on December 31st, there will be fun and prizes in the GAL group. There are threads set up in the GAL to project plan and share your gift-knitting (or crocheting) progress. Prizes will be awarded to participants active in the group throughout the GAL in November and December and then more prizes will be awarded at the conclusion of the event in early January.  There are a lot of prizes, some are pattern prizes (Raverly PDF’s) and some are physical prizes (there’s a list of physical prizes at the GAL group here).

If you’re not on Ravelry, you can see all the patterns on Pinterest boards that have been set-up (actually, the pinterest boards are a great way to view all the participating patterns regardless of whether you’re a Rav member ). All patterns are sold as PDF downloads on Ravelry and you can purchase patterns and use the discount code without being a Ravelry member. But if you’re not a Rav member and don’t join the GAL group, you’ll miss out on the best parts of the GAL: camaraderie  and prizes.

All of my self-published patterns are included in GAL! You can find them at my Ravelry store. And if you’re looking for other gift ideas (whether the gift is for yourself or someone else), there are several thousand patterns available as part of this promotion (links to the pinterest boards are listed below).

image title

Pinterest board links:

Hats and Head Things

Scarves and Cowls

Mitts and Other Arm Things

Shawls and Stoles



Baby and Child



Today’s Featured Indie Patterns

*PS: I scheduled this post for 8:00 PM on October 31st my time (EST in Baltimore, MD, US), which is 12:00 AM GMT so if you’re reading this, the discount and GAL have officially started!

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