Stack Of Hats

So guess what! That bin of mystery worsted-weight acrylic yarn that I collected over the first decade of knitting has officially been emptied! I’m so thrilled I can’t even tell you.

Now that the bin was emptied of all that worsted acrylic, I can use it for my stash of acrylics and blends that I use for baby gifts (because, other than  when requested by the parents, I’m not given a baby a hat or cardigan that can’t be machine washed). So the mystery bin is now the kid-friendly yarns bin  (hooray consolidation and organization! I’m probably more excited about  this than I should be.).

And look at this fabulous stack of hats:

Here are the last  six acrylic hats spread out for your viewing pleasure:


There’s actually two more acrylic hats, but I’m holding them back from this post because I discovered my gauge changes pretty significantly when I knit acrylic and wool of the same weight on the same needles (not even the same size needle, but the exact same needles), so I’m going to talk about that  separately. Until then ~Happy Knitting!

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