Finished Gift: Baby Cardigan and Cap

A lovely gentleman that I started working with in the community over the last few years has become a friend. And this friend just had a baby. And what do babies need? Adorable cardigan and cap sets.  (and probably food, diapers, etc… but really a good sweater set, and a baby’s good to go, right?)


This lovely little cardigan is knit for a 9-12  month old baby, with a 20″ chest, 12″ length from collar to hem, and 7″ long sleeves. I knit this with Jojoland Tonic yarn in color 148 (the burgundy color) and color 304 (the gray color). The hat and cardigan were knit with one skein of each color, with just a little of each leftover. This project used a total of just about 400 yards of DK weight yarn.


The buttons are big 1 1/2″ wooden buttons from Jo-Ann’s. Nothing terrifically special about them other than suiting the sweater perfectly.

The great thing about this project is that it’s completely seamless and knit from the top down. I’m not a big fan of doing colorwork other than stripes, but I found it was easy to get into the rhythm of switching colors for the button bands. And the trade-off of that little bit of intarsia is having the button bands completed as the sweater was knit, rather than picking up stitches. I really don’t enjoy picking up stitches.  Plus, knitting the sweater this way meant the only real sewing was to close the underarms and then there were a total 14 loose ends to weave in.

I have pattern notes and plan to make this sweater again in blue and cream for another soon to come into the world baby.  Until next time, happy knitting.

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  1. Forest So Green says:

    This is so cute, I love to knit, so I like to follow some knitting blogs 🙂 Annie


    1. Thanks 🙂 I just went over to your blog – your photography is gorgeous!


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