Yarn from the PLY Party

Lovelyarn’s annual PLY (Peace, Love, & Yarn) party was on September 9. It was so much fun (it always is) and I had a lot of trouble not buying way too much yarn (I always do). I’m feeling pretty proud of myself for leaving with only three skeins of yarn for two projects.


Pictured above are two blues I’m excited about turning into a light, airy accessory. I bought one skein each of Neighborhood Fiber Co.’s Loft (left) and Chromium (right) in the Olde Town East colorway. Loft is a blend of mohair and silk and is a light yarn with a nice halo effect. Chromium is a blend of silk noil and stainless steel and feels a bit like Shibui’s Linen yarn when knit. The glint of the silver-colored steel makes it an interesting yarn to handle. I’m not a big fan of sparkle, but the glint to the Chromium doesn’t have a super shiny, super sparkly feel to it. It’s kind of just right. And isn’t it interesting how two different fibers absorb dye so differently? The chromium is so much darker but has the same tone as the loft.

I’m holding the two yarns together to swatch and really like the way they’re working up. I’m using a bigger needle than it might seem logical because I want to create something that is substantial in size but extremely light in weight and density. The chromium is working really well for this because it’s very light but adds a certain substance and structure that the Loft doesn’t have by itself.  I think these are going to become a cowl with a 26-28″ circumference and length of 20-24″. I want the cowl to fit loosely around my neck and become a pile of lofty gorgeousness.

In addition to the blues, I found this great neon colored hand-dyed sock yarn by Wild Hare Studios that I decided I had to have for a pair of really bright socks. The skein is eye-catching, but I find it really hard to tell how variegated yarns are going to behave so I probably wouldn’t have bought it if there hadn’t been a sample of the yarn knit up. You can see how this yarn knits up as a sock on the Wild Hare etsy shop.


Neon colors seem to be everywhere right now and I think it’s awesome that people can pull off wearing an entire garment of unrelieved, incredibly bright neon pink/yellow/orange/blue/green. But I can’t, it’s just too much. I’m very much a fan of warm, neutral tones and other than Oriole’s orange, I don’t have a lot of really bright colors in my wardrobe. But I really liked the sock sample and and that the black breaks up the neon colors and creates a striping effect.

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