All the fun plus some knitting

This blog’s been quiet the past six some odd weeks. Mostly because real job/ community work/ summer fun required a lot of attention (It’s like I’m saying I’ve been too busy living it up to hang out on the internet…. Surely that can’t be right…) .

I wanted to do a post updating all the recent knitting but there’s actually too much I think for one post. I also wanted to talk about all of the fun that’s been had lately so I’m going with a hybrid knitting/non-knitting post. I figure fair’s fair and I’ll warn you that this post is only partially about knitting and partially pure unmitigated showing off of the awesome fun we’ve been having here in Remington (possibly the best neighborhood in Baltimore?).

Since early this spring we’ve been working on a Transformative Art Project in the community, specifically an interactive, community driven “R” sculpture. Check out this picture with the mock-up showing the material the sculpture will be made of. This is really exciting and it’s being fabricated right now at a local foundry.


That picture was taken at the ROCK Remington Clean II picnic which is this really great event GRIA hosted for the second year with free picnic food, a giveaway of over 350(!) recycling bins to community members, and awesome bands by really talented artists living in Remington. In case anyone was wondering what 300 96-gallon and 100 18-gallon recycle bins might look like… it looks something like this:


There’s also been sailing. I’m learning to drive a boat, it’s pretty amazing.


Sailing is an incredible thing to be able to do and it’s doing these amazing things to my mindset. Each time we’ve gone it’s like I’m stepping back and viewing the city I devote so much of myself to from a different perspective which has really been helping my mindset. The view of the city from the water is amazing. And the smell of cooking sugar doesn’t hurt the experience at all.


We also did a two hour quick trip to Artscape in July. I think a big part of the reason I never have a lot of interest in  going to Artscape is that there’s so much ongoing interesting, accessible art in Baltimore that I feel like I can go out any day of the week and see something awesome being created  (also, it’s  generally 95 plus degrees and disgustingly humid outside during Artscape — Have I complained about the July/August Baltimore weather in this blog post yet? No? Ok, well, let’s get that checked off the list). I’m not saying that  Artscape isn’t a really great festival, just that I don’t feel pressure to go and spend a lot of time there because I feel like it’s easy in Baltimore to make art a part of daily life. One of the best things to go see at Artscape? The yarnbombing!


One of my favorite parts about the yarnbombed golf cart was that it was fully functional and these guys were driving it around. So I knew it was there, but it was traveling around the huge festival so it was pure luck that I ran into it.

There’s also been a lot of knitting. It’s slowed down a bit as the temperature veers towards that stickiness Baltimore enjoys every year but I don’t think there’s been a day I haven’t knit at least a little bit  (not complaining about the weather here, I took care of that above). I’m working on hats for the 500 Hats Project. I have just a little bit of acrylic left in my stash so I’ve been doing a lot of stripes with leftovers from other projects. My goal is to finally empty my last container of acrylic scraps and left-overs.


Of course, hats aren’t the only thing I’ve been working on . I have a couple of projects that merit their own posts in the near future so I won’t reveal too much about that now. One of those projects is this pretty little diamond lace scarf.


I’m particularly thrilled with that piece – It’s a single skein project made from Neighborhood Fiber Co.’s Rustic Fingering yarn. The rustic fingering yarn is one of my absolute favorite yarns to create with.

Another one of my favorite yarn’s is Cephalopod Yarns Skinny Bugga.  They had an open house at their warehouse in the Carroll-Camden industrial area in July. It was sensory overload of gorgeous fiber – and reminded me how lucky I am to live in a city with incredibly talented local dyers. I ended leaving with eight skeins including the four pictured below. I don’t know what they’re going to be, but when I saw these I had to get one of each. If I were putting together an ultimate fall palette these are the tones I would want included. The only missing fall color is a deep chocolate brown.


I can’t wait to turn those yarns into something amazing – I’m open to suggestions because I have no idea what I’m going to create.  There are over 1600 yards there (each skein has 424 yards) so I can do pretty much anything – sweater, cardigan, wrap, world’s largest scarf. I could do multiple pieces with the different colors. It’s so open ended. If you had 1600 yards of fall colored yarn, what would you make?

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  1. Gorgeous knitting, the hats seem like a wonderful way to use up stash. The scarf is just amazing. In terms of the beautiful fall palette options I would be inclined to try something with colorwork, though I would also be just as easily inclined to keep it on my desk where I could see it and pet it all I wanted, so I don’t know if I am the best help.


  2. I’m definitely leaning towards colorwork, but at this point, the four skeins are in fact sitting in a bowl on my desk and I’m just enjoying looking at them 🙂


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