A Yarn Complaint

I have a yarn complaint. I’m not happy about it, but I figure what’s the point of having a blog to track all these knitting adventures if I don’t share the lumps along with all the good stuff?

And this isn’t really a bad lump, just an annoying inconvenience.

It’s this:

Striped Sock 1-001

These are my current bus socks and they are being knit with Wisdom Yarns Saki Bamboo.

First, there are things I love about this yarn. The weight and texture are wonderful. It’s 50% merino, 25% bamboo, 25% nylon. The yarn has this great softness and if it washes as well as the socks I made from Wisdom Yarns Marathon Boston yarn, then these are going to be fabulous hard wearing socks. Also, the stripes. The colors as a skein looked great, but it’s hard to imagine how exactly the stripes will work out when looking at a skein. The stripes are so much fun. They work out to be just about five rounds each color and alternate in a really fun, mismatched pattern.

Second, the thing (there really only is one thing) I don’t like about the yarn. It’s circled up there in yellow. The yarn has tiny tangles. It’s the good kind of tangle that is a loose knot you can just pull apart. But it’s messing up my sock knitting. I knit these bus socks primarily while commuting. They are the perfect knit for a bus that is going to have frequent bumps and stops. These tangles aren’t difficult to undo, it just involves having a bit of a yarn mess in my bag which is not so good and has meant I’ve had to set the project aside a couple of times on the bus because there really isn’t room to drag up the bag and fix the yarn. And there are tangles just about every 15 yards, so it’s been pretty frequent.

I think the pluses to this yarn far outweigh the tangling issue. It just means that if I use this yarn again  I’ll probably re-wind the ball. While I don’t look forward to the idea of having to rewind yarn from what should be a perfectly good center-pull skein, this yarn is so soft on the hands to work on and really is gorgeous I’m considering buying another skein anyway.

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  1. monsteryarns says:

    I’d either rewind the yarn on a yarn winder or I’d use the yarn from the outside – but put the yarn in a bag so it’s protected. I agree, not perfect either way!


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