Easy Shrug, Lots of Stitches

My neighbor wanted a lightweight knit shrug so we scoured Ravelry for shrug patterns and found the “Easy” pattern by Xandy Peters. This is a great pattern that comes in a ton of sizes from a  child’s 21″ through adult’s 50″ chest.

I really like that you can fill in the numbers for your size through out the pattern (same way you can with the Ysolda Teague patterns from Little Red in the City). The layout where you can fill in your own numbers rather than circling or highlighting the size your working on is a great option for patterns with many sizes.

The designer used Knit Picks Palatte and we decided to go with that yarn for the shrug. The Palatte yarn line comes in 150 colors so there are a lot of options. We selected a teal for the shrug with white for the ribbing and black for edging.


The shrug itself is essentially a huge rectangle with some increasing and decreasing for the arms and bust shaping. It is a ton of stitches that make up a gigantic rectangle. I don’t know the last time I knit a rectangle of stockinette stitch this size – once again, it’s enormous.


To make the shrug a shrug, you fold up the stockinette rectangle like knit origami and seam. I did a small modification when it came to the sleeves. I did the ribbing after seaming the rest of the sweater, rather than before as the patterns calls for.  I thought it made more sense and would have a more finished look knit in the round.

The following photo is the same angle at pretty much the same distance as the one above, but the shrug is folded, seamed and edged:


I added a black i-cord edge to the finished shrug (the i-cord edge is not part of the pattern). My i-cord is three stitches and added to the outside of the sleeve ribbing and the inside of the body ribbing. I ended up doing the i-cord on the inside around the bust because the white peaked through the black yarn and this way you can’t see any white through the i-cord.


All in all, this is a great pattern and I’m glad we went with the palette yarn. I hadn’t used it before and it’s a nice fingering yarn. After blocking with a little oatmeal soap, the shrug is soft and ready to wear.

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  1. monsteryarns says:

    Lovely and summery.


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