WIP: Angostura

I’ve made significant progress towards finishing things! I cast off the “easy” shrug by Xandy Peters (link to Ravelry), finished one sock and cast-on the second, and finished the back of the Angostura vest. The shrug is a gift so I’m not posting pictures of it yet and the socks aren’t that interesting, so this post is about the Angostura and the book it’s part of, Little Red In the City.

First, the book itself is more than worth what I paid for it. The first half is information about making your garment knitting work for you. It’s a really great resource guide if you’re interesting in customizing and personalizing your knitting for a better fit. The second half is seven extremely customizable patterns. I bought the book because I decided I wanted to make the Angostura vest immediately and would like to knit the Cria, Melia, and Lauriel sweaters at some point (in reality, the Cria is mostly likely to get knit; the other two are probably not going to be made – at least not for me).

Also, if you’re like me and photocopy patterns to write notes on and circle the stitch counts for the size you’re making, it’s worth paying the couple extra bucks to get both the hard copy and digital copy. I really like having the hard copy of the book as a resource and like that the entire book or each pattern can be downloaded as a pdf.

I finished the back of the vest this weekend. It stays on the needles and is connected to the front with live stitches which I think makes the finished project look nicer than casting off the front and back separately and then seaming the shoulders.


The yarn is Cascade 220 Superwash in midnight heather which is both hard to knit in low light and hard to photograph in any light because the color is really dark.  But it’s gorgeous and worth the dark yarn knitting trouble. The third picture below shows the color pretty true to life. It’s a navy blue with very dark purple or pink-ish undertones.

The waist shaping is worked into the cable at the center of the lower back. It looks like it’s pulling a little in the pictures but it isn’t in real life. I’m really taken with the back cable:


I cast on and have knit about 5″of the front. Unlike the back, I’m modifying the front.


I don’t like the cables on the front of the sweater so those are being left out, but I will do the shoulder cables. I’m not even sure if I can pinpoint why I don’t like the bottom cables – they’re pretty and interesting to look at. I just don’t want to wear them. In looking through the finished projects on ravelry, I must be the only one that feels that way because there are over 200 projects and it looks like they’ve all got the cables on the front. So I’m doing the front in the slipped stitch rib until the v-neck split.

The rib feels like it’s knitting up really quickly and I’m about half done the front to the v-neck split. I can’t wait to get to that split and work on those neat shoulder cables. But the cuffs on the easy shrug are going to get finished first so I can officially be finished a project – it will be the first project I’ll have finished in almost three weeks. Hopefully the next post here will be of a finished shrug!

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  1. monsteryarns says:

    It’s great to see someone else working on a flattering cabled top! You’re way ahead of me though.Very pretty.


    1. Thanks – what kind of cabled top are you working on?


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