The Mystery of Mistralee

There’s a vendor at the Sheep and Wool Festival that I’ve purchased yarn from on maybe three separate occasions now. The studio is named Mistralee Farm Studio.

There’s a very nice woman, Bobbie Leis, that runs the booth and she generally has gorgeous lace shawls made out of her yarns hanging around the booth. She has nice penmanship and handwrites receipts:


When I search online, I can find pictures other knitters have taken of the booth at MD Sheep and Wool, the yarns they’ve purchased, or the finished knits. But it looks like Mistralee Farms Studio doesn’t have a website and there’s only one pattern and no information up on Ravelry.

I talked to her for a few minutes this year because I had questions about the yarn, but I realized afterwards I didn’t really find out anything about her or what Mistralee Farm Studio is.  The yarns I’ve gotten in previous yarns have been great and I’m really excited about this year’s finds.

This year I got beautiful organic cotton:


And some gorgeous light and dark gray alpaca:


I’m really excited about the alpaca in particular. The price was reasonable and the yarn feels amazing. If it works up the way I think it’s going to work up, I may have to track down Mistralee and find out more about her stuido… and buy more yarn.

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