Knitting little gifts for babies is a great way to welcome them in to the world. It’s also one of those things that is incredibly easy to do. I make sweaters, blankets, and booties too. But hats are my preferred knitted baby gift.


Hats can take as little as an hour or two to make, depending on yarn, needle, and pattern selection. So in the space of a week, a knitter can create a couple of different sizes and styles, putting together a really great, crafted with love gift for the new addition to the world.

This trio of hats (first picture above) are sized for newborn, six month, and one year. The solid pink lacy hat is sized for a newborn (12″ stretchy circumference), the peach and white striped is sized for a baby in the 3-9 month range  (14″ circumference) and the scalloped purple, pink, and white hat is sized for one year (16″ circumference).


The feather and fan hat was improvised but the other two are inspired by patterns found through Ravelry. The scalloped hat is based on Maria Carlandar’s Little Scallops and the striped is based on Tracey Kay’s Magic Coffee Baby Hat. I made adjustments to gauge and stitch counts to accommodate the yarn used, Martha Stewart Crafts’ Extra Soft Wool Blend. I used the same brand yarn so even though the colors and styles are different, the set has a sense of coordination. Stay tuned for a couple more baby hats in the coming days, there are a lot of new additions to the world and I’m working on an inverted tulip pattern.

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