Some sunshine on a rainy day

It’s a rainy day in Baltimore so I figure I’ll post a little sunshine with my newly finished scarf.


A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to the lovely proprietress of Lovelyarns about a scarf kit she’s putting together for some cool yarn that cycles through a series of complimentary colors (some of the skeins rainbow in a way that looks similar to the yarn I used, others go through different shades of the same color). And we started talking about designing a scarf and basically discussed what you see pictured. Well, my version of it. I loved the idea of doing a diagonal slightly lacy scarf so much that I had to go cast on with this rainbow yarn I’d had sitting in my stash. When I took in what I was working on, she showed me her version and we’d essentially knit the exact same thing (different weight yarn on different needles, but otherwise extremely similar).

My scarf is made with Lang Yarn’s Jawoll Magic Degrade . At the end of last summer, I bought one ball on impulse. It is a 400 m ball so I knew there would be enough to create a good sized lightweight scarf from just one ball.


The yarn is has a little bit of a halo, but didn’t shed a lot while knitting (not like when you knit with alpaca and end up covered in fuzz).


When you look at the lacy eyelet rows through the sun, the loosely knit scarf looks like stained glass.


The finished scarf is 7″ wide and about 6 feet long. I knit it on US 7 (4.5 mm) needles and used up all but about 15 yards of the yarn (I was trying to get to the two ends to match and came very close). It was a fun knit that really seemed to fly along. I think it took normal scarf knitting time – somewhere in the 16-18 hour range – but something about breaking up the stockinette with the eyelet rows made it feel like a really fast project. Also, the yarn is so lightweight that even when I was working on the end of the scarf, it felt like there was nothing on my needles. All in all, this was a fast fun spring project.

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  1. The scarf is beautiful. I completely agree with the stained glass comment. I have been working on a blanket that is straight garter stitch and whenever I move to something else with even a little variety it seems to coast along at quick clip, so I can completely understand. Great job.


    1. Thank you — I’m working on another scarf/wrap using a fingering yarn on big needles hoping to create a similar effect. It seems like the right time of year to make fun light accessories.

      Good luck with your blanket 🙂 (How big is it? Because that can be a lot of garter stitch.)


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