Happy Happy Spring!

Knitting at the Dizz on a Spring Afternoon

I’ve been working on a scarf pattern to show off this really fun yarn my local yarn shop sells by Blue Heron Yarns. It’s a blend of cotton, rayon, and metallic that comes in these great bright colorways (link to Ravelry). This is a yarn my  mom had actually found and really liked over a year ago (maybe two years ago? It’s been stashed for a while now), but I didn’t know what to do with for the longest time. As you can see the colors are gorgeous, bright, and vibrant. But they also pool and the first couple of swatches I knit were not very pretty.

I thought about doing a clapotis (the incredibly popular and free pattern available through Knitty), but the increases and decreases make it difficult to figure out what length you can work  when you have a limited amount of yarn. I ended up doing a diagonal lace patterned inspired by the clapotis pattern but knit straight and without dropped stitches. This hank of yarn had 425 yards which I knit on US 10 needles, so it made a really generously sized scarf. The final dimensions are 11″ by 70″ with only a couple of yards leftover. I cast it off about a week ago and wet blocked it. I don’t usually block things made with cotton and was wondering how fast it would dry –  it took a really long time for this scarf to dry (like three days worth of a long time, which may not sound long but given it’s size, it took up a lot of space).

After blocking, I attempted to take pictures and the ever helpful Molly-dog really wanted to help out. I was able to get a couple good pictures of the scarf, but I think this is my favorite picture. I put the scarf on the porch to get a picture of it in the great Spring sunlight and Molly promptly draped herself over it.


This is a picture of the final blocked scarf taken last Saturday when it was sunny and 70 degrees outside. I know that sunny and 70 doesn’t exactly sound like knitting weather, but I advocate knitting  year round – happy spring and happy knitting!


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  1. lottieknits says:

    Gorgeous colours 🙂


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