A Stolen Pattern!?

It has come to my and many other knitter’s attention that a yarn company – an actual honest-to-goodness yarn company – stole an independent designer’s pattern. That company is now selling that pattern as part of booklet, with yarn kits and classes also available.

The original pattern is called Wingspan (Ravelry link– so you can go support the independent designer) and the rip off is called Waterfall Wrap (I’m not linking to the pattern because I don’t want to direct traffic to it).

It wouldn’t be so bad if the picture posted to Ravelry showing the “new” pattern today wasn’t of the same model wearing what appears to be the same accessory that the yarn company posted on their facebook page on January 11.

The screenshot below was taken moments ago from my Facebook (I cropped off that right hand bar with people’s activity on it because my friends don’t need their stuff pictured on my blog).  The picture is captioned with the pattern’s name, saying how great the pattern is for their new line of yarn. That model wearing what appears to be the exact same wrap is used on the pattern page on Ravelry. That’s what got me. I would have thought that this was a lot of coincidence blown out of proportion, but they acknowledged in January that this pattern was someone else’s.


In the wonderful world of knitting, many of us come to the same or eerily similar finished products through entirely different and independent processes. That’s fine. But to post a picture to Facebook in January clearly labeling the pattern you’ve used and then turning around less than three months later and selling the pattern under a different name is wrong. It’s legally wrong, it’s ethically wrong, it’s morally wrong. There is nothing acceptable about this. I hope that the yarn company realizes they’ve erred and pulls their pattern and the associated booklets, kits, and classes from the market.

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  1. Meghanomics says:

    Your friend should get a percentage from the sales. Make the thief their b*&^h.


    1. Yeah – the guy making the yarn kits and teaching classes from the pattern needs to give Maylin compensation (although she’s not an actual friend-friend, we’re part of the knitting community and none of us should have to put up with this from someone who claims to be a part of our community).


  2. Bob Crochets says:

    This amazes me. The pattern creator needs to be compensated for this. There’s clear evidence that documents theft and plagiarism here. Hopefully the yarn company will amend this and give her at least a percentage of sales and rightful credits for her pattern. Sending her good and hopeful thoughts!


  3. I thought about liking this post but there really is nothing to like about it. This is horrible!


  4. KnitWit says:

    I’m knitting Wingspan at the moment. Ravelry pattern tho, not the rip-off you mention here I might add!


  5. monsteryarns says:

    Well done for pointing this out!


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