Fiber Therapy

My awesome acer laptop, an absolute workhorse since its purchase in 2006, has been struggling the last few months. It lost a few keys and the left control and back arrow no longer worked, but it continued to function pretty well up through January. It was time to get a new laptop. That Acer lasted seven years which is impressive for a computer or laptop of any type. And since it still mostly works, I backed up all the files one last time but can still get onto it if need be.

I was really hesitant while shopping around because Windows 8 isn’t something I was interested in being an early adopter of, and a new Acer model meant buying the Windows 8 system. But I ended up with an Acer Aspire M5 with Windows 8. It turns out the machine is really great and the operating system is not completely terrible. I don’t want to turn this into a review of Windows 8, so I’ll say that the whole thing where I had to go through the control panel to tell the clock to talk to the internet about the time in order to set the computers clock to the correct time sums up the system — functional, but absurdly quirky. On the plus side, I think having a touchscreen laptop is completely fantastic.

After the laptop purchase, we headed up to Lovelyarns. I needed some fiber therapy. I had seen on Facebook that Lovelyarns had Cephalopod yarns in stock and I ended up leaving with two skeins of Traveler in the Dark Waters colorway (pictured below). Isn’t it pretty?


I’m holding off on starting anything with this yarn for the same reason I’m holding off on the Weekend Chunky sweater – must finish outstanding projects first! But I have collected some really gorgeous, inspiring fibers and I have a lot of ideas that I want to start soon, even though most will be seasonably inappropriate in another month or two when I really begin to work on them. Of course I say that and the National Weather Service is predicting freezing overnight temperatures and includes the word ‘snow’ in the short term forecast. We are clearly not out of sweater-weather yet.

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