Little Scallops for Twins

This week I made a second set of hats for twins a friend of a friend is having. My friend and neighbor asked very nicely for the hats and as she is totally knitworthy ( Franklin Hobit’s handy flowchart of knitworthiness), I agreed to make the hats. We worked together to pick out hat designs. The first hats were cloches based on  pattern notes from a cloche I did about a year ago because I thought that pattern would be perfect for inverted colors (the twin cloches are blogged a little bit about here). For this second set of hats, we went through the ravelry database for ideas.

Through Ravelry we found Little Scallops. The Little Scallops pattern by Maria Carlandar is adorable (pattern on Ravelry and her blog). Plus, the pattern provides another opportunity to use inverted colors for twin hats that match but are visually very different.


She uses 3 mm needles (US 2 1/2) which is too small a needle for the Jojoland Tonic yarn selected for these hats. I adjusted the pattern up to size US 6 (4mm) needles. Given that I adjusted the needle size, I made the following modifications to the  pattern:

  • Cast on 64 stitches (8 pattern repeats) instead of 81 stitches
  • Knit until 5″ from brim before beginning decreases (because I wanted it to be fitted, not slouchy)
  • Modified the decreases slightly so decreases were done every other round until at *k3, k2tog* round then decreased every round for crown.

The pattern is really easy to follow and, as she mentions in her blog, it’s a repeat of 8 stitches so the pattern could be adjusted easily to fit any size head.

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