Craftsy Review: “How To Say It: Pattern Writing for Knitters”

I’ve been lurking around the Craftsy site for a while now but didn’t want to spend $50 to buy a class without really knowing what I was getting. I did some online classes during grad school and really didn’t like the online class format at all, so even knowing this would be different I was hesitant because of that not-so-great experience.

When I saw on a Ravelry forum that there was a selection of knitting classes available free, I immediately signed up for Edie Eckman’s course “How To Say It: Pattern Writing for Knitters”.  This is such a good solution to my problem – the problem is clearly not that I object to spending my money. I buy enough yarns, pattern books and magazines, and knitting tools that it’s definitely not a question of investing in knitting. I was really concerned about the return-on-investment. The free class offer is letting me get an idea of what kind of return-on-investment I can expect from a craftsy course, both in terms in content of the lessons and the quality of the experience.

I’ve listened to four of the videos so far and Eckman is well into the subject matter. It’s interesting — the material is close to what I was hoping to get out of class (note: that is not meant as a criticism of the class because short of hiring someone to come sit with me and answer my specific questions directly, I don’t think there could be a product in existence that would give me exactly what I want in terms of talking through pattern writing). The class is about writing a pattern that is clear and can be understood by the target audience and that is exactly what Eckman is talking through in the videos.

I’ve also read ahead through all of the class materials. The material is really valuable for following along with the videos – and doing the homework!

I think as a package that you purchase and then have perpetual access to, the course consisting of a series of videos and supplementary materials is well worth paying for. The $50 price tag was definitely enough to make me hesitate, but in just the first run through, I’m getting much more than $50 in value. In fact, I’m thinking about signing up for another course, maybe one on teaching like “How to Teach It” with Gwen Bortner.

And as a teaser of what I hope to apply these great lessons about pattern writing to, here’s the finished Remington cowl (pattern coming soon!):



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