A New Look Part 2

Although I haven’t been posting much the last two weeks, lots of things have been happening behind the scenes here at the Knit Mckinley. Yarn is being knit, patterns are being written, and the blog is being scrubbed up and polished (it’s fourth birthday is coming up in five months and I want to have something to show for four years of blogging!).

On February 17th, the New Look went live and I’ve tweaked the blogs appearance slightly (probably so slightly no one’s noticed – I’ve done things like changed the header and link colors to more gray and slate blue colors and adjusted my fonts slightly).

Under the hood, I’ve been cleaning up my categories and tags. When I started this blog almost four years ago, I don’t think I clearly understood the difference between categories and tags. As of last week, I had 60-some categories. I now have 5 categories and that seems to be all that’s needed because these are the five things the blog is about (in alphabetical order, because that’s how they appear in the drop-down menu to the right):

  • 500 Hats (Because knitting hats for kids is quick and easy and a fun way to do some charity knitting)
  • Knitting (This encompasses 111 out of the 122 posts on the blog- this post is not about knitting)
  • Not About Knitting (In case you need a cupcake frosting recipe or want to hear about how awesome it is to live in Remington)
  • Pattern (Posts about patterns I’ve made available)
  • WIP Wordless Wednesday (What I happen to be working on when I remember to take a picture on a Wednesday)

I also tidied up the tags a little bit but I’m okay with having a ton of those. I was mainly focused on using my blog clean-up time to get the categories under control (seriously, I had baseball as a category. I don’t even *like* baseball that much, other than to go to Camden yards  a couple of times a year to cheer for Ketchup in the Condiment Race).

It’s almost spring. I consider most of this the electronic version of spring cleaning. And since it is the beginning of March, here’s a picture of the little tulip budlings emerging in the flower boxes on my porch. I can’t wait to sit outside again in the evenings with some knitting and a glass of wine.


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