FO: Hats, but no Cowls

I haven’t finished my twisted and slipped stitch cowl in the Remington colorway yet. Which is kind of a bummer because, as mentioned last Thursday, I was hoping to have it finished it over the weekend (I have ten rounds left so it’s not as though I’m far off — I just want it finished so I can wear it!).

Things I have finished include another Twisted Trellis hat:


I wanted a white hat to wear with my navy blue coat and the white mink cowl (it isn’t a cowl yet, it remains in a soon-to-be cowl state known as a “ball of yarn”). I took the white mink yarn to the store and matched this yarn to it, so even though they’re different fibers and weights, the color is very similar. The yarn is Berrocco Weekend Chunky and on size 8 needles, it’s a really warm, thick knit hat.

As to the mink cowl, it’s cast on and there’s about an inch completed. It’s going slowly.


Part of the reason the mink cowl and other projects have been going slowly is because I’ve been a really disjointed crafter lately. After the bad case of the cast-on’s, I am now in a must knit-all-the-things mode. The good thing is that I have something like eight different projects on needles and I’m excited about each of them; the bad thing is that I can’t knit eight things at once.

I did finish one other project in addition to the white hat above: an ear flap hat. It matches the hat I made my little sister for Christmas with white and yellow stripes. The good thing is I took enough notes that I could follow my directions. The bad thing is my ear flaps are a little off so they fall slightly off-center over my  ears.  I’m going to have to make another hat to see if I did something wrong in following my own directions (it looks like my earflaps are on opposite sides of the hat and they aren’t supposed to be exactly opposite so I may have counted the wrong number of stitches between flaps).


I’m not going to cast on another ear flap hat in the next week or two though – I’ve got to get some of those other projects off the needles first. Including my Remington Cowl.

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