Continuing Obsession:Slipped and Twisted Stitches

In case there was any question about follow-up patterns related to the twisted trellis hat and my love affair with slipped and twisted stitches, don’t worry, we’re still going strong and projects are being worked on.

Right now, I’m playing with Neighborhood Fiber Co.’s Capital Luxury Sport in the Remington colorway (link goes to the Remington color, the Capital Luxury Sport doesn’t seem available on the website now). I’m actually working on a staggered version of the twisted trellis so the ovals alternate up the length of the cowl.


I’m pretty excited about the way this is knitting up. I’m also pretty excited that when I ordered the yarn before Christmas, it came with a project bag (in the picture above).  I have high hopes about finishing this project this weekend… we’ll see how that works out.

Aside from being pleased about the pattern, can I also just say how glad I am that Karida Collins of Neighborhood Fiber Co. made a Remington colorway that is gorgeous? I’m not usually a big fan of purple, but being a Ravens fan, I’ve made some adjustments to my wardrobe. I would have been really disappointed  if the Remington colorway was a color I didn’t like and/or don’t look good in (although my favorite color as of now is still Charles Center)

And completely unrelated to slip stitches and knitting, can I also just point out how good it is to be in Remington right now? It looks like in the next year we’re adding Single Carrot Theater and a restaurant by Woodberry Kitchen to the neighborhood (between the time when that article came out and Seawall came to talk about the project at the community meeting, an agreement was reached and we were told about the restaurant).

Happy Knitting…

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