A New Look

I’m working on changing this site some. It’s been on the to-do list for a while and I’m just now getting around to it. The layout is officially changed, I think I’m really happy with it.

I hadn’t had time to work on the site changes (or posting anything new) until yesterday mostly because it has been another crazy couple of weeks. I was working with some neighborhood people on two grants, one was submitted last Tuesday and the other was submitted yesterday so fingers crossed we get funding to do some really exciting art projects in Remington. Preparing those grants involved a couple of weeks of 7 am meetings. 7 am meetings are a terrible thing for those of us that just aren’t morning people. I try, I really do but I’ve always been a night owl.

Given the really long days lately, I’ve been focused on basic knitting, rather than trying anything complicated.  I’ve been working on the cascade eco wool sweater I mentioned in my January 29th post here. It’s almost finished. Most of the sweater is stockinette stitch knit in-the-round. Knitting is great for achieving inner peace and clearing the mind, and having this project has been wonderful the past two weeks. I’m going to hold off on pictures of the sweater until I can take good shots.

A couple of other updates since I haven’t been posting much lately:


The Ravens won the Superbowl and then there was a parade. I’m pretty sure everyone knows about that, but here’s a picture of the parade crowd at the kick-off point in front of City Hall. The crowd was enormous and it was a lot of fun. I just wanted to share one picture here (I posted a whole lot more on Facebook).

Molly with her yarn

Molly-the-dog’s hobbies include yarn snuggling. I’m not sure if this is something she likes to do because she likes the yarn or if she just knows that if she’s near the yarn, I’ll give her a good rub. At some point this just started happening. In fact, she’s got my ball of cascade eco wool under her chin right now. And yes, that yarn pictured is from my current favorite local dyer, Neighborhood Fiber Co.

These are not yarn sleeves.

And if you made it all the way down here, you get to learn from my fail. The Wine Source uses these great, stretchy plastic bands around the glass bottles so they don’t clank against each other in the bag. I’d been looking at yarn sleeves but didn’t want to spend the $5 when I wasn’t sure how they’d work. After all, I’ve never bought sock stretchers because you can bend wire coat hangers from the dry-cleaners to shape socks, so surely there is a d.i.y alternative to buying yarn sleeves. Even though I trimmed the plastic down to what I thought was even, the plastic snagged the yarn a whole bunch of times, causing tangles and general unpleasantness. Needless to say, don’t use the plastic bottle protectors if you want to hold your floppy yarn balls together. Spend the five dollars for the nice smooth yarn sleeves manufactured for specifically that purpose.

Happy knitting…

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