FO: Cacao Sweater and a Cloche Teaser

About a week ago,  I finished the Cacao Sweater by Drops (links to Drops website and pattern on ravelry). I made a couple of small changes including changing all the garter stitch in between the cables to purls and making the sweater 3/4 sleeved. The couple of pictures I have to show the sweater itself make it look much lighter than it is, but they show the stitch patterns. Here’s the front cabled panel:

Knitting 053

I am really happy with the neckline and the way the sleeves ended up.  The entire cowl from the last decrease of the raglan sleaves to edge is 8″ long, a couple inches shorter than the pattern called for. The pattern length for the cowl was just a little longer than I wanted. Then for the sleeves, I measured my favorite 3/4 length sleeves and did 7 cable repeats (4.5″ long) and then did 32 rows of stockinette without any shaping so they are a little over 9″ long. The sleeves work perfectly without shaping. The sweater is knit seamlessly from the bottom up and then the sleeves added to continue working in the round. There were two tiny seams under the arms that had to be closed.

Unrelated to the Cacao sweater, here’s a teaser on a pattern in progress. It’s a cloche for infants with ruched brim and bow (you can see the beginning of the hat in the corner of the cacao picture above). This hat is sized for 0-3 months and I’m going to go ahead and do sizing up to a one year and then have it test-knit before release. So this pattern is a little ways off, but it’s something to look forward to:


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