I have acquired two skeins of absolutely gorgeous, white mink yarn called Mimi by Lotus Yarns. I’m a little amused that the white colorway is called “snow” given that Baltimore had our first snowfall of the year, and I think, the first snow in over a year. (Remember, this is Baltimore City, so we’re talking about like a quarter inch total on the ground counting as snowfall here).

The mink yarn is wound into two cakes and I have 600 meters total. I have the best problem with the yarn… I’m having trouble deciding exactly what to do with it. I know I want it to warm my neck with a pattern that plays up the luxuriousness of the fiber but I haven’t exactly settled on a pattern yet.

Here’s one of the cakes I’m playing with:



Doesn’t it just look delicious? I wish I could add texture to the internet, this is one of the most amazing fibers I’ve ever felt.

I’ve played with a couple of stitch patterns at this point and think I’m going to do a wide, long cowl with a relatively simple stitch pattern done on size US6 needles so the fabric is light and airy. I’m so excited about this project and the yarn… More details as soon as I definitively select a stitch pattern.

Also, as a follow-on to my last, slightly whiny post, I just checked amazon and my laptop cord is out for delivery and then I’ll be back in business. Yay!

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