Laptop Death and Excessive Yarn

My laptop decided to take the phrase ‘going out in a blaze of glory” a bit literally.

I’ve had this laptop since January 2006 (I actually went and found the receipts in the file with the long-expired warranty) and it has been an amazing laptop for almost the entire last 7 years. It lost a few keys and the left control button doesn’t work, but overall the  laptop is pretty darn amazing. The power cord failed so I bought a replacement and last week, the replacement cord broke. And in breaking, shot sparks several feet into the air.  I’m feeling incredibly lucky that there wasn’t an actual fire, just a light show. Of course, I was horrified and the dog ran out of the room (I don’t think Molly’s forgiven me yet for almost causing a fire).

The problem I’m having now is choosing a new computer.  I don’t like windows 8, but want to keep using a windows computer. I’m looking at getting a model from last year that will come with Windows 7, but don’t know which one to get.  In the interim, I ordered another power cord because the computer seems okay, it just has nothing to plug in to charge.  But I’ve got to make this decision soon-ish, because the poor computer is acting like it can take only so much more (it’s also slowing down and has turned itself off a couple of times).

This is also the reason for the lack of posts – I can’t do my picture uploading and editing and post writing very well on my little devices so until the laptop situation is squared away I’m just collecting a back log of pictures and other stuff.

In somewhat related news, I turned 30 last Tuesday. So hooray for birthdays (scientists have proven that people who have more birthdays live longer so I plan to have many more birthdays after this one) and for birthday presents! I have SO MUCH YARN now. I may be approaching the point where my stash is ridiculous. There are a couple of projects I’ve wanted to undertake for a while and got the yarn for my birthday, like a new sweater vest (six skeins of chocolatey Ultra Alpaca  wound) and a cardigan (8 skeins of lichen Renewal Wool). As well as some yarn that I’m just excited to do something fun with – like Neighborhood Fiber yarns in the Charles Village and Charles North colorways and some gorgeous white mink yarn (yes, actual mink – humanely collected and incredibly soft).

The new power cord should arrive on Thursday so I’ll have my laptop resuscitated by the end of this week (I still have to figure out a replacement, but I’ve bought myself time to consider all the options) and then I can post pictures of all the gorgeous fiber that is overflowing my limited storage space. I’m so excited about my yarns and I can’t wait to share the gorgeousness.

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  1. Olivia Kunst says:

    I thoroughly enjoy my ASUS, with Windows 7. Only downside, around 7-8pm the track pad has a momentary freak out. Not sure what that’s about or why it happens around nighttime. *shrug*. No more scarring molly with sparks and fire … bad.


    1. Maybe the poor laptop is tired and wants you to go to bed (even though 7-8 is really early for that).

      Also, molly-kins does this whole completely ‘put out’ thing where her body language just radiates disgruntlement. After the sparks went shooting around, she was in the laundry room looking down the hall with her body pressed against the wall and hunched over refusing to come back in the room. She does a really good job of making me feel guilty.


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