Happy 2013!

Happy new year and happy post holiday season (aka good sales time)! It’s been a busy/lazy couple of weeks.  I took from the Monday before Christmas through yesterday off work and had a really good time over the holidays hanging out and playing tourist. I even paid *full price* admission to the National Aquarium. The plan was to walk around the Inner Harbor/Harbor East checking out the boats, water,  and new stores, but it was completely disgusting out. So instead we had brunch at Miss. Shirley’s, went to the aquarium, and ducked in and out of two of the harbor pavilions.  I love the sting ray and frog exhibits, and even though the sting ray pool is closed for renovations, the frogs and other exhibits were great. We also went to the new McCormick Spice store which was surprisingly interesting; McCormick makes far more stuff than I was aware of. I think, combined, we may have spent more there than at the aquarium. In addition to the touristy behavior, we went shopping  (I have new linens and awesome huge glass jars to store yarn) and played an inappropriate amount of Mario Kart.

Other than finishing Christmas gifts a whole entire day before Christmas for the first time ever, I’ve been a lazy knitter. I have had three things on the needles during the last week and a half: a bolster pillow to match the Norma blanket, a pair of exceedingly plain self-striping socks, and hexipuffs for the beekeeper’s quilt. And the quilt is really the only thing I’ve made anything that could be called progress on.

The good thing is I’m now feeling incredibly motivated. I’m really excited about my short row ear-flap hat that I designed as a Christmas present for my little sister (pictures and pattern to come soon). The short rows came about as an alternative to doing the ear-flaps separately and then casting on additional stitches to knit in the round or knitting from the top down, which seem to be the more common methods. I have that and pictures for the second part of the holiday wreath I hadn’t gotten around to posting. But no pictures or anything else today. This is more like a practice blog to remember that I do actually post things here — and things are happening.

Happy new year- happy knitting.

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