How many hexipuffs can you knit…

On the round-trip between Baltimore and Bethesda?

Five Hexi(flats)

Apparently you can knit five, although mine aren’t really hexipuffs. I’m doing hexiflats for my Beekeeper’s Quilt. My older sister visited for Thanksgiving so I took advantage of the car ride to knit hexipuffs. I haven’t worked on my quilt in about six weeks, and  I have an overflowing bin of sport, sock, and lace weight yarn remnants waiting to become hexiflats.

Current collection of quilt yarn

Thanksgiving was really great. Lots of food and parade/dog-show watching (I swear Molly-the-doodle avidly watched the dog show).Plus,  I finished a prototype of the holiday wreath I’ve been working on. It’s a cabled wreath with a poinsettia.

Holiday Cabled Wreath

Ignore the rubber duckies on the shelf…I do enjoy my rubber ducky collecting but that’s a whole other story. Anyway, the wreath is about ten hours of knitting and maybe two hours of assembly so it’s not a long project. The cabled piece takes less than one skein of wool-ease worsted weight and the poinsettia took approximately 30 yards of green and less than 75 yards of cranberry.

I have the pattern partially written up, but I’m going to do another one with darker wool before I finish the pattern. This wreath is perfect for indoors where you’re not looking at it from a distance, but the cables are two subtle to see if you’re more than 15-20 feet away. I have some darker wool I’m going to use and the center cable will be wider to stand out more. Plus, I think instead of a poinsettia, the wreath may need pompoms – green and cranberry pompoms.

Happy Knitting —Hopefully, I’ll have another wreath to share in a couple of days.


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  1. streetarthot says:

    love Knitting think cool the way Brought back made fashionable


    1. Me too! I love all things knitting – especially the surge of local artists and dyers making unique color combinations.


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