Tubu Take Two

Tubu Take Two

A couple of months ago, I used some Noro Large Tubu , a discontinued yarn, to make my friend a hat for her mother’s birthday (post is here). I was at Lovelyarns last weekend (because apparently I’m at Lovelyarns every weekend) and noticed they still had Tubu. So I had to have two hanks to make myself a hat. I figured with all the knitting, especially of hats, for other people I should have a new hat too. Of course, when I got this yarn it was sunny and almost 70 degrees outside and as I write this it’s about 50 degrees which is still to warm for a thick wool cap, so I really have no need at the moment for a super bulky wool hat. But I’m confident I’ll need it at some point.

Above is a picture of the hat. I didn’t do the cabling on this one that I used for the other hat, it’s just a simple hat. There’s also a seam in the back because I didn’t have any way to knit this in the round (do US50 circulars or double-pointed needles even exist?), but it’s a pretty good, invisible seam. It was a good chance to work on my seaming with very large stitches to look at, which is good because seaming is definitely one of my weaknesses.

The hat is basically 22 stitches in stockinette stitch with a few decreases to make a crown. Every stitch with this yarn is almost 1/2 inch tall by 3/4 inch wide. The tubu yarn is like an i-cord that you’re knitting so if you wanted to make this yourself with skinnier yarn, you could make a 35 yard long i-cord and then knit that into a hat (I may have just talked myself into doing that…).

I wet blocked it with conditioner because it’s Noro and requires softening. The yarn actually fluffed up a little and is soft now. These are my colors – my favorite color is slate blue and I really like all these earth tones. Now I just need it to be 20 degrees colder outside.

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