Flouncy Cardi and a New Yarn

Cobblestone Yarn

A couple of weeks ago, I made a sample Sparkly Flouncy Cardi with a new yarn, Fibra Natura Cobblestone from Universal Yarns, for my lys Lovelyarns. The yarn itself was soft to the touch but looked almost nubby because the variegated ply wrapped around the main color were such different colors. The yarn is actually very smooth; the texture was an optical illusion (yes, that person standing there looking intensely at the yarn held really close to her face? That’s usually me).

The knitted cardi

The pattern, the Sparkly Flouncy Cardi by Sue Caldwell (Ravelry), is a cute baby sweater that is a quick top-down knit that is made pretty and feminine by the eyelet rows and little bit of flounce to the sleeves and body. Knit up, the yarn was incredibly soft and smooth. The variegated colors look great in sweater form. These are colors I probably wouldn’t have picked for myself, but I really like the way the yarn looks.

I stopped by the shop last week to grab a picture of the sweater, because despite having 6,000 buttons at home, I didn’t have any that matched well. Sue at Lovelyarns added turquoise buttons that work really well with the orange.

The sweater with buttons

I did use a little bit of warm water to block the sweater, although it didn’t really need it. The yarn knit up really nicely so I didn’t use any rinse and the sweater itself didn’t need pinned or shaped. Part of that may just be that the pattern is a really good, basic sweater pattern but part of that was also that the yarn was really very nice to work with.

I’m actually using the pattern, now that I have it, to knit a purple, pink and yellow sweater for a friend’s little girl so I’ll post pictures of that sweater too, once it’s finished.

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  1. streetarthot says:

    I love Knitting wear think it Cool


  2. paulineos says:

    That pattern is perfect for such a striking yarn!


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